How do I find my ring size?

If you are unsure about your ring size, you can use this simple chart to help you determine your perfect size. If you have an existing ring that comfortably fits your finger then measure the inside diameter in millimetres and use the chart below to establish the correct size.

Alternatively, take a piece of string or a strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, making a mark where the two ends cross each other. Straighten it out and measure the total length in milimetres (the inside circumference). Divide the inside circumference by 3.14159 to get the diameter and use the chart below to find your size. Measure a couple of times throughout the day for accuracy.

If you know your ring size in an international measurement we ask that customers convert the inside diameter of your size and then find your UK Ring size using the chart below.

You can also purchase an "At-home" Ring sizer which are stocked in the shop here.

My ring has arrived but it doesn't fit - Can I return/exchange it?

I totally understand, shopping online is not the same as trying on in a store, so if you do find that your ring isn't the fit you were hoping for, I am happy to resize it for you. Just get in touch with me to discuss your sizing requirements and how to return your ring to us.

Please note that orders placed from 2022, are subject to a small charge for resizing, this charge will differ depending on the design of your ring and the required new size.

All rings are made to the internal dimensions on the chart above, so please take the time to measure so you can get the best fit. If you find that your ring differs from the internal diameter measurement requested when you ordered, I will always resize /replace free of charge.

Any non-personalised / some Limited Edition rings can be returned, and wherever possible, exchanged with no fee. Please see LHJ returns page for more information.


I already have a ring in the size I ordered, but my new ring doesn't fit - have you made a mistake?

Just like buying clothing, some jewellery brands use different slightly measurements to create their rings. Even with a half millimetre difference, this can alter the fit of a ring. So i you do know your ring size, please double check the internal measurements with the chart above - this is the measurement I will create your ring to.

If you find that your ring differs from the internal diameter measurement requested, I will always resize /replace free of charge.


I'm buying a ring as a gift, how can I get the size right?

It is hard to surprise someone when you don't know their ring size...Do they have a ring you can measure? If not, don't worry, I am happy to resize your ring should it not fit the lucky recipient, however this is subject to a small fee.

If you're an iPhone user there is a handy app "Ring Sizer by Jason Withers" that is great for measuring a ring you already have by placing it on the screen, and also has a table for converting to UK sizes.

Alternatively, you could purchase a gift card so they can measure for their sizing before hand!


Can you resize my ring?

Any ring purchased from Little Homebird Jewellery can be resized, just get in touch and we can chat about it! 

What Chain Length is my necklace?

You can now choose your perfect chain length!
If you'd like me to change this to another length that is not listed, please get in touch as there may be a small additional charge


How can I size for a Bangle?

Getting the right size can be tricky when buying online - no-one wants a bangle that is too small! But I have a handy chart to help with sizing....

I always want you to be happy with your order, so I'm happy to resize any bangles should you find you're not happy with the fit. Please note some designs/size differences will require more work and may incur an additional fee, just get in touch so I can help.

bangle size chart


My size isn't in stock - can you make it?

I'm sure I can! I try to offer standard sizes for jewellery to help when you shop, but if you have a specific size request such as half ring sizes, larger cord bracelets or even the smallest sizes for precious and tiny wrists, I will do my best to make sure I can create it.

Just drop me a message and we can chat about it.