Hey, thanks so much for stopping by…I’m Jess, a self-professed Northern Homebird and the lucky lady creating your gorgeous jewellery!

At Little Homebird Jewellery you’ll find sweet and thoughtful jewellery and accessories that celebrate happy and joyful moments. I believe in capturing these memories, so we can keep the good times close with us always, reminding us of the people and places that make us happiest. 

For me, there’s nothing better than handmade. There’s just something about taking humble metal sheet and wire and transforming it into something beautiful that brings me so much joy. It’s wonderful to be able to share these creations with you, and craft meaningful gifts that can be treasured for years to come.


Sometimes, it IS personal.

Customisation has been at the heart of LHJ from the beginning, and I love when you share your stories with me and through your jewellery. Your personalisations are stamped using traditional steel punches, one letter at a time and positioned by eye, which means no two pieces will ever be the same. This packs a whole lot of character and charm into your jewellery.


Where Little Homebird Jewellery began…

Being a person who has struggled with anxiety from a young age, it can be hard to navigate life when your brain is wired to think about things from a “glass half empty” perspective. Over time I’ve found a way to manage my anxiety through surrounding myself with things that spark positive thinking and happy memories….blasting out my favourite badass playlist, covering my wall with postcards of motivational quotes and mantras, or even having a magical crystal or two round the house.


Home is my safe space, my calming sanctuary, but as soon as I stepped out the door and especially in social situations, I found myself slipping back into bad habits and negativity creeping back in. So, being a crafty lass, I decided to create myself a little string bracelet with one simple mantra of “BREATHE” written across, a little cheerful reminder that everything was okay. It was something that I could wear everyday and quickly became a little talisman of positivity that I would touch and twirl around my wrist when I felt overwhelmed.


So with a glimmer of an idea, and a rusty old metal stamp set, I decided to make more jewellery…and boy did I! I quickly became obsessed with all things hand-stamped and challenged myself by learning metal smithing and stone setting.

Jewellery making has become my meditation and a way to channel my personal stresses and anxiety. Creating meaningful jewellery that resonates with its wearer is something special, and connecting with each of you, hearing your stories of why each piece means so much is pretty magical. Whether it’s for a big occasion, or just a little something for someone that’s having a hard time, each piece is made with love…from design to creation, and finally when it is gifted.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the sentiment, I'd love to create a beautiful and meaningful gift just for you...


Let's find your Unique Gift